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We are specialists in outdoor car park sweeping and floor scrubbing. We pride ourselves in using bio-degradable chemicals and high-end compact Tennant machinery for all of our jobs.

We customise our services to each job to meet all body corporate and strata management standards.

Our machines can adapt to any surface, smooth or rough concrete.

For dry sweeping, we can service:

  • outdoor carparks

  • shopping centres

  • commercial carparks 

  • warehouses in industrial settings 

  • hospitals

For floor scrubbing, our process includes: hosing down, a comprehensive wash using our ride-on Tennant M20 for the main parts of the premise, followed by our walk-behind Tennant 5700 for finer detailing around pillars.

We can service: 

  • strata sites

  • carpark basements

  • multi-level carparks

  • warehouses

  • building sites

  • indoor/outdoor settings

  • flooded car parks

Car park sweeping and floor scrubbing: Headliner
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